Irrigation automation brings efficiency and lower costs

Irrigation Automation Brings Lower Costs and Greater Efficiency


Irrigation Automation Case Study

Problem: Without access to a local water district, this grower constantly faces serious water shortages. All water must be pumped from a series of deep wells and stored in a sequence of ten reservoirs. Due to this shortage of water, they need to be able to move their water around much more quickly to cover more land in the same amount of time.

Location: Le Grand, CA
Acres: 1,056
Crop: Almonds

Solution: WiseConn automation hardware connected to WiseConn’s DropControl irrigation management system and configured to provide valve control automation, better irrigation efficiency, and lower irrigation costs. DropContol’s user-friendly irrigation scheduler allows the grower to easily monitor, add, or update irrigation schedules.

  • Two (2) nodes at the centralized reservoir locations each start/stop two pumps (4 total)
  • Two (2) nodes at the centralized reservoir locations each monitoring two high/low filter pressure (4 total), as well as reading a flow meter on each filter (4 total)
  • Eight (8) nodes in the field each open/close 10” valves, as well as monitoring irrigation run times and flow volumes in order to set/adjust run times in each zone

Expected Benefits: Effectively known as pulse irrigation, the automation system allows the grower to run irrigation sets of 6 hours instead of 24 hours. Increased irrigation frequency and reduced irrigation duration can save as much as 20% in applied water used annually, plus reduced pumping costs and lower labor costs with remote monitoring, control, and scheduling.

DropControl irrigation management software

Background Information

WiseConn Hardware: WiseConn’s hardware can operate, monitor, and manage multiple agricultural processes in the field. Its main hardware components are the Nodes (RF-X1, M1, and C1). WiseConn’s patent-pending hydraulic logic and DropControl protocol make for a reliable on-site distributed control system for irrigation and fertigation. Every network has one Gateway Node that contains a modem, which uploads data from the field to the WOS and DropControl servers.

  • Flexible and Adaptable – Each node can control up to 5 input or output ports with any combination of actuators or sensors.
  • Monitoring and Control – Nodes record field information through sensors (moisture, pressure, flow, etc.) and can simultaneously operate actuators precisely (valves, pumps, etc.).
  • Wireless Network – Nodes connect real-time through a mesh network with links up to 1.25 miles line of sight.
  • Low Power Consumption – Each node includes a solar panel and batteries. Nodes consume little power and maintain 5 days of backup power.

WiseConn Software: DropControl software allows data collection, storage, and analysis in a user-friendly, cloud-based platform. WiseConn’s UI is designed to optimize your time and resources without complications. Access is possible from anywhere through a browser or smartphone.

To learn more about how Irrigation Monitoring and Controls might benefit your farming operation, contact Tom Weber at Cal-West Rain 559-846-5326 or your local Cal-West Rain salesperson in Kerman, Paso Robles or Hanford through our website at

Download Irrigation Automation Brochure (PDF)

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