Complete pump and well services

Irrigation - Filters and pipelines with Wiseconn
Pumps & Pump Repair

From troubleshooting to repairs and installation, Cal-West Rain has extensive experience with all types of irrigation related pumps and motors. In addition, we maintain experienced crews of mechanics, welders, electricians, and machinists dedicated to solving problems and keeping your pumps in good operating condition. If you need assistance with any type of pump or motor, contact us now! Count on Cal-West Rain for all your pump and motor needs:

  • Pump installation and repair services
  • Deep well and booster pump stations
  • VFD installation and repair services
  • Valve and pipeline installation and repair
  • In-house machine shop
  • 24/7 on-call service and repair
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Well services and cleaning
Well Services & Repair

Well development and rehabilitation requires not only science, but also years of experience. While we strictly adhere to industry best practices and design specifications, our goal is to maximize the efficiency of your well. Consistent maintenance of water systems, including wells and water pumps, ensures performance and reliability. Well owners and farm managers rely on Cal-West Rain to inspect their systems to verify water levels, operating efficiency, and to identify potential problems that can lead to costly problems and downtime.

  • Well development (1,000 HP+ capacity) services
  • Well video inspections
  • Well rehabiliatation services
  • Pump and pipelines inspections and repair
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AirShock® Well Rehab Services

The process involves creation of a shock wave and oscillating gas bubble after each pulse resulting in in removal of hardened scale and biological build-up from the screen, gravel pack and surrounding area. The shock wave breaks up the scale on the screen, while the expanding and contracting bubble forces water in and out of the gravel pack and aquifer ensuring a comprehensive washing process. In a short time, most wells are restored to the original level of efficiency. We are one of few providers that provide this unique service.

  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • Highly effective for louver, slot, or screened gravel pack wells
  • Used independently or in combination with chemicals
  • Proven results across the Central Valley and Central Coast
  • Learn more about water well rehab with AirShock®
Pump repair services
Pumps, Motor, and Well Services

Not only do we design and install turn-key irrigation systems, but we can also service, repair, and maintain your entire system. Our capabilities include:

  • DOWNLOAD: Preventive maintenance tip sheet
  • Pump repair and installation
  • In-house machine shop
  • Well inspections and cleaning
  • Electric motor repair (vertical and horizontal)
  • Electrical services and repair
  • Water meter and filter repair
Irrigation Monitoring and Controls
Monitoring & Control Services

As a part of our broad range of irrigation services, Cal-West Rain has extensive experience with irrigation automation, monitoring and control systems. Whether we installed it or not, we can help you update, re-configure, and troubleshoot your existing automation system. We can help with:

  • System evaluation, testing, and troubleshooting
  • System updates, expansions and re-configuration
  • System management and operational training
  • System expansion and platform migrations

Our goal is to protect your existing investment and help you better leverage the available technology based on your needs and operation.

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