Water flow meters for SGMA reporting

Maximizing Water Efficiency: The Critical Role of Water Flow Meters


In the agriculturally rich regions of Central California, water is not just a resource; it’s the lifeline of the land. With water costs rising and the importance of sustainable usage becoming ever more critical, precise water measurement has become indispensable. This is where Cal-West Rain steps in, offering unparalleled expertise in water flow meter sales, installation, and repair services tailored …

SWEEP application process 2023 helps fund water-saving and GHG-reducing irrigation projects

Preparing for the 2023 SWEEP Applications: A Guide for California Farmers and Ranchers


The State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program (SWEEP) by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) is gearing up for its 2023 Request for Applications process. This program provides a golden opportunity for California’s agricultural community to secure funding for projects aimed at water conservation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With an anticipated application window opening in November 2023, …

Irrigation pump station in California's Central Valley

Megger Testing Pump Motors – The Guide For Farmers and Ranchers


Farms and ranches across California use a wide range of electric motors to operate pumps that move water from wells, canals, and reservoirs to irrigation systems, livestock, and other needs. As part of your season start-up or preventive maintenance, a megger test is recommended because it helps ensure motors are ready to run. Operating motors that have been idle for …

Dairy cows in Fresno County, CA

Water Well Redevelopment in Fresno County Provides Stunning Results for Dairy

MarketingWell Services

In mid-2022, a large dairy in Fresno County kicked off a project to drill a new 600’ well for their family-owned dairy and farming operation. All involved were confident the project would go smoothly and, once completed, would provide 1,700-2,100 gallons per minute (GPM) of water. Unfortunately, the results were far below the expected GPM flow for an expensive project. …

Downhole sand separator for turbine pumps

Downhole Sand Separators for Turbine Pumps

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Sand in well water can be very damaging to turbine pumps as well as other downstream equipment. When sand enters a pump it erodes the pump’s impellers and creates a rocker-type action causing imbalance and a loss in efficiency resulting in costly repairs, replacements, and higher operating costs due to inefficient pump operation. LAKOS Pump Protection Separators (PPS) can extend the …

Madera County Pre-Approves Cal-West Rain for Flow Meter Services


Cal-West Rain is pleased to announce that Madera County has recently recognized Cal-West Rain as a pre-approved provider to install flow meters, verify previously installed flow meters, and check flow meter calibrations in the Madera County GSA. In addition to Madera County, Cal-West Rain is also a pre-approved vendor in the Antelope Valley Groundwater Basin. The Antelope Valley Groundwater Basin …

A growers guide to VFD terminology

A Grower’s Guide to VFD Terminology


Understanding VFD terminology helps users to ensure proper application in the field. This article and the attached PDF file details 50 of the most important VFD terms that VFD users should understand to more effectively specify and maintain their drives. What is a variable frequency drive and how are they used in agriculture? VFDs are used to regulate the speed …

NRCS programs fund irrigation system upgrades

Using NRCS Programs to Modernize Your Irrigation System

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This case study provides a real-world example of how a grower in Reedley, CA (Fresno County), worked with the local NRCS office and Cal-West to design and install a new irrigation system to meet their conservation goals. Additionally, the grower applied for and received financial assistance from NRCS to support the design and installation of their conservation plan. Key Takeaways: …

Netafim's Steamline X dripline with onions

Netafim Revolutionizes Thin Wall Dripline with Streamline™ X


Thin wall driplines are defined as driplines with a wall thickness of 0.4 mm or less. These driplines are specifically designed to be used for one to three seasons on vegetables and certain field cash crops. It is also ideally suited for temporary installation for strip wetting for germination. If the attributes of advanced heavy wall driplines aimed at multi-seasonal …

pH Control in Agriculture with ECO2MIX carbonic acid process

pH Control in Agriculture without Sulfuric Acid


For most growers, the quest for improved yields, soil quality, and water quality is a never-ending process. With our ongoing commitment to sharing information, this article features ECO2MIX and explores a proven alternative for pH control using dissolved carbon dioxide gas. Let’s dive in and learn more. Key Takeaways: Controlling irrigation water pH can bring a variety of benefits to …