Madera County Pre-Approves Cal-West Rain for Flow Meter Services


Cal-West Rain is pleased to announce that Madera County has recently recognized Cal-West Rain as a pre-approved provider to install flow meters, verify previously installed flow meters, and check flow meter calibrations in the Madera County GSA.

In addition to Madera County, Cal-West Rain is also a pre-approved vendor in the Antelope Valley Groundwater Basin. The Antelope Valley Groundwater Basin is located in the western Mojave Desert. The Basin encompasses 1,580 square miles in Los Angeles, Kern and San Bernardino counties. Approximately two-thirds of the Basin lies in Los Angeles County, with small portions extending into San Bernardino County, and the remainder in southeastern Kern County.

Flow meter on Central California almond orchard

As a full-service irrigation and pump company, Cal-West Rain regularly works with farmers and ranchers in other GSAs across the San Joaquin Valley and the Central Coast of California, which have each adopted different rules and approaches to monitor and apportion groundwater. With branch offices in Kerman, Paso Robles, Hanford, and Bakersfield, we are ideally suited to serve customers across the San Joaquin Valley and the Central Coast.

Got questions or need assistance, please contact the nearest Cal-West Rain branch or call 559-846-5326.


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