Improving tomato yields with WiseConn irrigation automation

Improving Tomato Yields with WiseConn Irrigation Automation

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Irrigation Automation Case Study Problem: Inconsistent yields in some sections of tomato fields. The grower believes this yield issue is caused by low line pressures in certain sections of his subsurface drip irrigation causing inconsistent water distribution uniformity. Location: Five Points, CA Acres: 220 Crop: Tomatoes Solution: Monitor end of line pressures in select sections using transducers and WiseConn hardware/software. …

COVID-19 Response

CWR Response Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Note: We will continue updating this page with additional news and information as it becomes available. Cal-West Rain continues to take actions to protect the health and safety of our employees and our communities while continuing to serve our customers amid the uncertainty associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Updated June 19, 2020 at 12:32 pm PST Dear Valued Customer, As …

Irrigation Glossary - Agriculture

Glossary of Irrigation Terms

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This document is in continuous development and was originally created by the Irrigation Association. You are encouraged to submit definitions along with their source to [email protected] The terms in this glossary are presented in an effort to provide a foundation for common understanding in communications covering irrigation. The following provides additional information: Items located within brackets, [ ], indicate the …


Maintenance of VACLEEN® Automatic Screen Filters

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Evoqua’s Vacleen® brand automatic self-cleaning screen filter for agriculture can remove suspended solids from 250 mesh to 50 mesh (50 to 350 micron). Vacleen filter tanks are made of type 316L stainless steel*, made in the USA and are competitively priced. With flow rates up to 454 m3/hr (2,000 gpm) in a single tank, these filters are compact, reliable, and …

SGMA Resources for Growers and Landowners

SGMA Resources for Growers and Landowners

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The California Farm Bureau Federation has developed various resources for farmers and landowners to help you understand why SGMA is important and how you can be involved. SGMA requires the formation of local agencies to develop new plans, called Groundwater Sustainability Plans or GSPs, to address and prevent problems in groundwater basins in most areas of the state. Signed into …

Subsurface Drip Irrigation Effluent for Dairy Producers SDI-E

Effluent Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI-E) for Dairy Producers

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Recent years of drought, heat and new regulations have forced many ag producers to rethink operations. Flood irrigation has been one of the biggest casualties, often being replaced by some form of drip irrigation to conserve water. While the switch decreased the use of water, it created another challenge for many dairies–what to do with effluent previously applied via flood …

Sand Separator Fixes Problematic Water Well

Sand Separator Fixes Problematic Water Well

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Cal-West Rain recently completed a project for an almond ranch southwest of Fresno, CA. The problem started when a critical water well used to supply a large drip irrigation system started producing sand finer than 200 mesh which could not be removed with a downhole separator or well repair. Unfortunately, the fine sand was entering the well through the gravel …

Mazzei Venturi Injectors for Ag Irrigation

How a Mazzei Venturi Injector Works

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Excellent animation of Mazzei Venturi Injectors. Injecting liquid chemicals or fertilizers into a pressurized irrigation system is the most common application for Mazzei injectors in the agriculture market. Mazzei pioneered this simple-to-use and easy to install solution more than 40 years ago. High-efficiency Mazzei injectors deliver precise mixing and uniform distribution of material into the water stream. Learn more at …

Values, Vision and Mission

Values, Vision and Mission Statement

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Core Values Integrity • Respect • Teamwork • Excellence Vision Cal-West Rain is one company united in utilizing the best people and the latest technology in an open working environment to preserve resources for the benefit of customers, employees, vendors, and our community. Mission Cal-West Rain provides professional lasting solutions and services for all aspects of custom water delivery for …

California almond grower solves iron bacteria problem

Irrigation Solution for California Almond Grower

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This large pipeline and reservoir project started out as a solution to a problem the ranch had been dealing with for several years. Located outside Fresno, CA, the farming operation includes 2,000+ acres of almonds. The almonds are all drip-irrigated with a total of 10 individual well and filter stations feeding into the irrigation system. Unfortunately, the wells on the …