Installation and Care of Centrifugal Pumps for Agriculture

Installation and Care of Centrifugal Pumps for Agriculture

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If you’re farming or ranching in California, you’re likely using Cornell centrifugal pumps or something similar to pressurize irrigation systems and move water. Cornell began manufacturing pumps for agriculture when the company launched in 1946. Since that time, Cornell engineers have continued to make improvements in pump design and function. Today, Cornell’s pumps are known around the world as the …

Reviving your irrigation automation system

Reviving Your Irrigation Automation System

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Although most growers are satisfied with the operation and capabilities of their irrigation automation system, many question the value of the investment. If you’re frustrated or questioning the value of your irrigation automation system, this article is for you. We’ll attempt to review the most common reasons why irrigation automation projects falter and steps you can take to get things …

Flow-Guard media filter maintenance and troubleshooting

Sand Media Filter Maintenance & Troubleshooting

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We frequently get questions about sand media filter maintenance and troubleshooting. This article is intended to help owners and irrigators understand the basics of Flow-Guard Sand Media Filters. As always, if you need assistance please contact the nearest Cal-West Rain branch for filter troubleshooting and maintenance assistance. Our field technicians have years of experience with Flow-Guard filters and they’re available …

Susan Rathbun retires from Cal-West Rain

Celebrating Susan Rathbun’s Many Contributions

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After more than 30 years of dedicated service, Cal-West Rain is honored to announce the retirement of Susan Rathbun, effective December 31, 2020. Susan joined the company months after its founding in 1989 and worked behind the scenes supporting the Cal-West Rain sales team by providing irrigation system designs, project materials lists, project scheduling, and more to “keep the wheels …

Open Position: Pump Test and Well Video Operator

Open Position: Pump Test and Well Video Operator

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Cal-West Rain is accepting applications for the following position.  To apply, complete and submit our online job application form. Job Title: Pump Test and Well Video Operator Location: Kerman, CA Hours: Weekdays, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturdays during peak season Department: Operations Supervisor: Pump Dept Supervisor Position Purpose: Responsible for pump tests, well videos and developing wells Essential …

Incentive Money For Irrigation Pump Automation

PG&E Incentive Money For Pump Automation

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Growers and irrigation districts are in various stages of adopting automation for their pumps to reap the benefits of greater precision, reduced labor requirements and monitoring to improve operations and comply with regulations, like SGMA. At the same time, California’s electrical grid sees the timing of energy usage–both on a regular basis and during grid emergencies like we saw this …

Irrigation Innovation: Netafim’s Uniram® XRS Subsurface Drip Line

Irrigation Innovation: Netafim’s Uniram® XRS Subsurface Drip Line

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If you’re considering subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) to maximize your yield potential, you should definitely consider Netafim’s Uniram® XRS Subsurface Drip Line. Since 1989, Cal-West Rain has served growers across California’s Central Valley and recommended innovative products like Uniram® XRS because they provide meaningful value and benefits to growers. Setting the Standard for Permanent Crops An almond or pistachio orchard …

Cal-West Rain to acquire certain assets of Water-Ways

Cal-West Rain to Acquire Certain Assets of Water-Ways

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Cal-West Rain Inc. has announced an agreement in principle to acquire certain assets of Water-Ways Irrigation Engineers Inc. based in Bakersfield, CA. Founded in 1950 by Victor Tkac, Water-Ways has served growers across the Southern San Joaquin Valley for over 70 years. “We are thrilled with our agreement with Heather Tkac to acquire certain Water-Ways assets while supporting their customers …

Water well rehabilitation services

Understanding Water Well Rehabilitation

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As water wells age, the rate at which water may be pumped (commonly referred to as the well yield, flow, or performance) tends to decrease, especially in wells that were not properly developed when first drilled. This article briefly describes common well problems and discusses rehabilitation measures. Water Well Maintenance Water wells require regular maintenance to ensure adequate water flow …

Benefits of water well development

What is Water Well Development?

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With over 50 years experience, we get asked a lot of questions about well development and why it’s a good idea for most new water wells. Proper well design and good well development go hand-in-hand and should result in lower pumping costs, longer pump life, and fewer biological problems such as iron-bacteria and slime build-up.  Conversely, poorly designed and underdeveloped …