Flow-Guard media filter maintenance and troubleshooting

Sand Media Filter Maintenance & Troubleshooting

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We frequently get questions about sand media filter maintenance and troubleshooting. This article is intended to help owners and irrigators understand the basics of Flow-Guard Sand Media Filters. As always, if you need assistance please contact the nearest Cal-West Rain branch for filter troubleshooting and maintenance assistance. Our field technicians have years of experience with Flow-Guard filters and they’re available …


Maintenance of VACLEEN® Automatic Screen Filters

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Evoqua’s Vacleen® brand automatic self-cleaning screen filter for agriculture can remove suspended solids from 250 mesh to 50 mesh (50 to 350 micron). Vacleen filter tanks are made of type 316L stainless steel*, made in the USA and are competitively priced. With flow rates up to 454 m3/hr (2,000 gpm) in a single tank, these filters are compact, reliable, and …