Maintenance of VACLEEN® Automatic Screen Filters

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Evoqua’s Vacleen® brand automatic self-cleaning screen filter for agriculture can remove suspended solids from 250 mesh to 50 mesh (50 to 350 micron). Vacleen filter tanks are made of type 316L stainless steel*, made in the USA and are competitively priced. With flow rates up to 454 m3/hr (2,000 gpm) in a single tank, these filters are compact, reliable, and easy to operate.

The patented+ bi-directional drive ensures that the entire filter screen is cleaned during each flush cycle without interrupting the filtration process. Cleaning the filter screen takes less than 15 seconds and produces very little flush water.

Filter Field Visits and Maintenance Tips

Seasonal field checks and maintenance are recommended for Vacleen® filters. Like other irrigation and farm equipment, Vacleen filters benefit from regular field checks and maintenance. Clean and well-maintained filters work better. They save water and provide protection for other irrigation equipment and systems.

Vacleen® Filter Maintenance Tip Sheets

Vacleen® Filter Product Manuals

As an authorized dealer for Evoqua Vacleen® Filters (formerly Olson Filers) in Central California. We provide complete sales, parts and service support for Vacleen® automatic screen filters. Cal-West Rain began serving the Ag Irrigation and Pump needs of growers in 1989. Our commitment to providing the highest quality standards in irrigation design, integration, equipment, automation and customer service remains the benchmark by which we measure our success. For assistance, contact Cal-West Rain.

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