Sand Separator Fixes Problematic Water Well

Sand Separator Fixes Problematic Water Well

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Cal-West Rain recently completed a project for an almond ranch southwest of Fresno, CA. The problem started when a critical water well used to supply a large drip irrigation system started producing sand finer than 200 mesh which could not be removed with a downhole separator or well repair.

Unfortunately, the fine sand was entering the well through the gravel pack. This was causing the system’s filter to excessively flush (wasting water) and/or plug completely causing potential pipeline damage and stopping the irrigation on this section of the ranch.

The ranch owner worked with Cal-West Rain to design the solution which included the installation of Fresno Valve Series 1600 Sand Separators. Once complete and in operation, the new system was able to separate the fine sand and pave the way for problem-free irrigation while conserving flush water.

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT – Series 1600 Sand Separator by Fresno Vales and Castings
The Series 1600 Sand Separator is used to remove sand and other fine solids from water. Sand Separators work by using centrifugal force. The centrifugal force separates the sand from the water. The clean water is forced into the center of the separator and up through an outlet. The sand that is removed from the water is then collected in a collection chamber at the bottom of the separator. This chamber can be manually emptied as needed.


  • Hot dip galvanized inside and out for maximum protection
  • Low pressure loss
  • 98% efficiency on 200 mesh (74 microns) and larger
  • Modular design
  • Domed tank end for maximum strength
  • Hydro cyclone action removes high mass sediment
  • Variable flow (GPM) capacity with manifold and valving
  • Automatic purging of sediment tank (optional)

Cal-West Rain provides professional lasting solutions and services for all aspects of custom water delivery for agricultural applications. To learn more, contact Cal-West Rain in Kerman, Paso Robles or Hanford or call 559-846-5326.

Sand Separator Fixes Problematic Water Well

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