Irrigation Innovation: Netafim’s Uniram® XRS Subsurface Drip Line

Irrigation Innovation: Netafim’s Uniram® XRS Subsurface Drip Line


If you’re considering subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) to maximize your yield potential, you should definitely consider Netafim’s Uniram® XRS Subsurface Drip Line. Since 1989, Cal-West Rain has served growers across California’s Central Valley and recommended innovative products like Uniram® XRS because they provide meaningful value and benefits to growers.

Setting the Standard for Permanent Crops

An almond or pistachio orchard is a long term and high-cost investment. Using subsurface drip with Uniram XRS maximizes your yield potential. Uniram XRS is the first dripline designed for this application, ensuring your orchard gets the water and nutrients it needs with built-in features that provide more protection, increased system longevity and peace of mind.

  • Eliminate Moisture Stress – Using SDI means reduced or eliminated water evaporation, surface runoff, deep percolation, and less chemical leaching.
  • Prevent Physical Damage To Tubing – An SDI system minimizes physical damage to the tubing from natural elements, critters and heavy equipment used during harvesting.
  • Better Harvesting Conditions – SDI allows the grower to operate without obstructing field access. There’s no need to move tubing, sprinklers or equipment out of the way during harvesting.
  • Decrease Weed Germination – With SDI, your weed maintenance is reduced. Less weeds means less mowing and lower costs.
  • Maximum Resistance Against Root Intrusion And Strangulation – Root intrusion and strangulation can threaten a high performing SDI system, reducing or blocking flow. Uniram XRS advanced emitter design with a physical root barrier matched with the power of copper makes it the ultimate solution for protection against roots.
  • Advanced Emitter Technology For Maximum Uniformity – Uniram XRS pressure compensating dripper maintains constant uniformity in SDI applications. Its large filtration area and wide dripper flow path provides the ultimate clog resistance, even in harsh water conditions.
  • Superior Copper Protection – Copper oxide has been proven to effectively inhibit root growth, deterring roots from strangling or entering the dripline. With Copper oxide technology embedded into Uniram XRS, your SDI system is protected. Netafim’s patent-pending process of embedding copper ensures that the copper will remain effective for the life of the product. It will not wash off, wear off, or leach out.

Overview of Uniram® XRS

Uniram XRS is the most advanced pressure compensating dripline powered with Cupron® Copper Oxide for the ultimate protection of your dripline inside and out.


  • Uniformity of water distribution for the best flower and fruit development
  • Clogging resistance and system longevity with multiple levels of built-in protection
  • Root intrusion and strangulation protection without the use of chemicals
  • Proudly manufactured in Fresno, CA
  • ISO 9261 Global Standard Compliance


  • Most complete 10 Years warranty
  • Largest dripper filtration area in the industry
  • Anti-siphon mechanism blocks contaminants from being drawn into the dripper
  • Wide compensating range maintains a constant uniform flow
  • Root intrusion barrier prevents roots from penetrating the dripper’s mechanism


  • Emitter flows: 0.4, 0.6, 0.9 GPH
  • Maximum operating pressure: 58 psi
  • Recommended filtration: 80 mesh




Netafim Uniram® XRS Emitter Design

To speak with a Cal-West Rain salesperson about Netafim’s Uniram XRS drip line for your orchards, contact Cal-West Rain or call 559-846-5326.

About Cal-West Rain

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