Netafim's Steamline X dripline with onions

Netafim Revolutionizes Thin Wall Dripline with Streamline™ X


Thin wall driplines are defined as driplines with a wall thickness of 0.4 mm or less. These driplines are specifically designed to be used for one to three seasons on vegetables and certain field cash crops. It is also ideally suited for temporary installation for strip wetting for germination.

If the attributes of advanced heavy wall driplines aimed at multi-seasonal use are more than your crop needs and your circumstances allow, these heavier driplines become a waste of money and labor – something that cannot be afforded in modern farming, where efficiency is crucial to survival. Thin wall driplines can lead to significant cost savings when some attributes are no longer essential.

Features of Streamline X Dripline

Thin wall driplines are also the preferred solution in circumstances where a farmer may not have the capital for the preferred heavier wall dripline. A lower-cost thinner wall can be used initially and upgraded to a heavy wall at a later time once the crop brings in sufficient income.

Regular users of thin wall driplines would however know that in-field dripline damage becomes a significant challenge when moving to thinner wall driplines. Farmers do not have the time to treat driplines with kid gloves. In the field, you need irrigation equipment that does the job and survives the often harsh conditions.

Understanding this challenge, Netafim set out to create an extremely robust thin wall dripline that would also deliver high levels of efficiency. The aim was to create a durable dripline and to reduce the damage that occurs when driplines are installed or retrieved. Enter Streamline™ X.

Advantages of Streamline™ X

  • Injection Molded Dripper: Made of high-quality polyethylene material welded into a wall of seamless tubing
  • Value Added Packaging: Directional arrows on the package to assist with installation and identification. Reel end graphics provide guidelines for easier installation.
  • High Strength Polyethylene Tubing: Improved durability and tensile strength for higher operating pressures.
  • Root Intrusion Protection: Flap outlet protection impedes soil ingestion and root intrusion.

Applications of Streamline™ X

  • ReGen™ – single crop application for surface or shallow burial (up to 2”)
  • 5 mil – Seasonal use in light to medium textured soils with minimal rocks, clods or under plastic mulch (must be buried at least 1” under plastic)
  • 6 mil – seasonal use, surface or shallow burial (up to 5”)
  • 8 mil – seasonal or multi-seasonal use, surface or shallow burial (up to 8”)
  • 10 mil – multi-seasonal use, surface or shallow burial (up to 10”)

Specifications of Streamline™ X

  • Inside diameter: 0.636”, 0.875”
  • Nominal flow rates (GPH at 10 psi): 0.07, 0.16, 0.24, 0.36
  • Common spacings: 8”, 12”, 18”, 24”, 30
  • Recommended filtration: 120 mesh

Streamline™ X Reference Materials

Streamline™ X is the leading non-pressure compensating thin wall dripline with improved durability, identification stripes, and value-added packaging. Compared to alternative agricultural drip tapes, Streamline™ X is the best choice for seasonal row crop irrigation since it offers seamless construction, a low filtration requirement and flap outlet protection which deters soil ingestion and root intrusion.

Please contact the nearest Cal-West Rain branch to learn more about Streamline™ X and other high-quality products from Netafim.

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