pH Control in Agriculture with ECO2MIX carbonic acid process

pH Control in Agriculture without Sulfuric Acid


For most growers, the quest for improved yields, soil quality, and water quality is a never-ending process. With our ongoing commitment to sharing information, this article features ECO2MIX and explores a proven alternative for pH control using dissolved carbon dioxide gas. Let’s dive in and learn more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Controlling irrigation water pH can bring a variety of benefits to most growers.
  • Compared to sulfuric acid and sulfurous acid burners, the carbonic acid process brings more benefits and greater safety for the grower.
  • The service from ECO2MIX is completely turnkey, all equipment, installation, tanks, calibration, CO2, monitoring and maintenance are provided as part of the service.
  • Looking at the overall benefits and costs, the carbonic acid process with ECO2MIX is the ideal solution for pH control.

What is the pH control process using carbonic acid?

The ECO2MIX pH control process utilizes dissolved carbon dioxide gas to reduce the pH of irrigation water. As the carbon dioxide is dissolved in the irrigation water it forms carbonic acid, the only carbon-based acid in the agricultural market, and the water pH is reduced depending on the inlet water quality in terms of pH and alkalinity.

With Eco2Mix’s use of carbonic acid, you are using the ONLY water pH process that mimics nature, and there is no risk of creating a pH dangerously low enough to cause damage to your crops or employees.

Who is ECO2MIX?

Based in Fresno, ECO2MIX is continually at the forefront of developing new technologies to improve agricultural yields, soil, and water quality for its producer customers. ECO2MIX offers comprehensive equipment and supply capability aimed at the replacement of sulfuric acid and sulfur burners for pH control of irrigation water systems.

What are the other benefits of the ECO2MIX process using carbonic acid for pH Control?

Soil Organic Matter – Soil samples taken in farms using ECO2MIX for 4 months or more show an improvement in soil organic matter (SOM). Although we can’t attribute all of these results to only the use of carbonic acid-enriched water, it provides the opportunity to explore all the benefits the soil and plant can get when growers switch to this more sustainable water treatment method using carbonic acid.

Past SOM results comparison with carbonic acid pH control

Soil Bacteria and Fungi – When using the ECO2MIX process, studies have also identified a significant change in soil bacteria and fungi, where the microbial population in the soil improved on important pathways like hormone production, salt tolerance and stress adaptation. BeCrop® results shown below clearly indicate these benefits.

BeCrop® index chart with carbonic acid pH control

Turnkey Service for a Monthly Fee – Unlike the typical approach using sulfuric acid, the carbonic ECO2MIX service is provided via a monthly service charge that includes the use of the ECO2MIX equipment and installation, tanks, CO2 gas, calibration, monitoring and maintenance. The only inventory to be delivered and stored on-site is a series of liquid carbon dioxide cylinders/tanks, also handled by ECO2MIX as part of the service.

ECO2MIX equipment for turnkey pH control in agriculture

ECO2MIX equipment for turnkey pH control with carbonic acid in agriculture

Comparison Chart – As shown below, the benefits and price point of the ECO2MIX process outperforms the other sulfuric acid alternatives.

ECO2MIX benefits comparison chart - pH control in agriculture

* Average cost calculated in 10-year scenario for 300 acres using 3.0 ac/ft/yr.

The Bottomline for pH Control in Agriculture

Without a doubt, the ECO2MIX system is safer and provides more benefits when compared to sulfuric acid and sulfur burners. The only inventory to be delivered and stored on-site is a series of liquid carbon dioxide cylinders/tanks.

Unlike the typical approach for sulfuric acid, the carbonic ECO2MIX is provided via a monthly service charge that provides the customer with the use of the ECO2MIX equipment, maintenance and installation, calibration, tanks, and CO2 gas.

To learn more about ECO2MIX and the benefits of their pH control service, contact your Cal-West Rain sales representative or ECO2MIX.

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